Job List

Jobs and tasks I have performed and my software experience

Things I love to do

animation/motion graphics/video editing

prototyping/designing interactive experiences


learning new skills/researching new technology

solving problems for clients/team (consulting)

live-streaming solutions on the internet for events

Things I am good at

web design/coding (HTML5/CSS, WordPress installation/customization, Squarespace, light JavaScript)

project management

quality assurance for websites/software applications

fixing/troubleshooting computer software+hardware

documentation of live music (video and audio)

archiving and digital preservation of physical media (music, visual art, etc)

audio production/editing

social media management

email marketing management (Mailchimp)

google analytics

office management (quickbooks, creating and sending invoices, etc)

Things I am learning to do

C++ (Unity3D, Unreal Engine)

3D modeling (Blender, Maya)

3D animation (Blender, After Effects, Maya)

Programs/Platforms proficiency

Windows/macOs/Linux (Ubuntu, Raspbian) - 15+ years of experience

Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint + Pages/Numbers/Keynote/ + Google Drive equivalents - 15+ years of experience


  • HTML5/CSS/Light JavaScript - 15 years experience

  • WordPress - 5 years experience

  • Squarespace - 5 years experience

  • phpBB - 10 years experience

  • Mailchimp - 8 years experience

Adobe Creative Suite

  • Adobe Photoshop - 15 years experience

  • Adobe Illustrator - 8 years experience

  • Adobe After Effects - 8 years experience

  • Adobe Premiere - 10 years experience

  • Adobe InDesign - 6 years experience

  • Adobe Audition - 8 years experience

Final Cut Pro - 10 years experience

GarageBand and Logic - 10 years experience