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In Final Fantasy VI, when Cayenne stands at the edge of the platform in the Phantom Forest, after the train ferrying his family to the afterlife has departed, there's this awkward silence. The rectangular train platform has no exit. Shadow stands in the middle of the platform, poised, with his dog. Cayenne stands at the end of the platform, head bowed. Mash is under our control. We can walk left or right. Talk to Cayenne, and he says nothing. He doesn't move. A word balloon doesn't even pop up. Talk to Shadow, and he says "Leave him alone," of Cayenne. Mash says nothing. We run back and forth for a few moments, in utter musical silence, unable even to open our own menu, until the screen fades to black. How many players, at this moment, tried to open their menu, only to find that you couldn't do it? I, for one, did. What did I want to see? What did the director not want me to see? This strikes me, today, as rather profound. I wonder if Kitase understood how profound that technique was? I think he didn't (and do I, honestly).

- Tim Rodgers on Final Fantasy VI Read the full thing here

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